Our History

The farm was founded in 1950 by Mr. DeGregorio with a mission to highlight an ancient technique of olive oil making in a region that has been producing olive oil since 3000 BC. The farm is in the small town of Montesarchio, Italy and is 100% family owned and operated by the 3rd generation. We highlight the Peranzana olive and naturally produce a Monocultivar EVOO, meaning one type of olive, in a cold pressed process preserving the many natural health benefits of true EVOO. We have been recognized and nominated as one of the world’s best EVOO by Leone d’Oro International Competition Award for two years in a row. Our mission is to carry on our grandfather’s passion, by bringing the flavor of our ancient land to your table one bottle at a time.

Tasting of Olive Oil

Have Fun Learning How to Taste Oil

Visual Phase

During official tastings, visual perception is not a fundamental parameter, however, this simple gesture helps to give important indications on the cleanliness, roundness and body of the oil. Pour a small amount of extra virgin olive oil into a glass beaker, place the oil against the light and shake the glass to evaluate its fluidity. An extra virgin olive oil must have a medium-low degree of fluidity. Now turn the oil on the sides of the glass and observe the color, a green-yellow color is a symptom of young and ripe fruit harvest.

Olfactory Phase

Through your sense of smell, you understand it’s quality. Before this delicate phase we need to bring our oil to the right conditions to best enhance the volatile aromatic components. Heat the contents of the glass with the palm of one hand by shaking it slightly. With the other palm of your hand, cover the top of the glass in order to retain the aromas. Uncover the glass, bring it to your nose and inhale slowly and deeply several times. This will allow you to grasp the various nuances of aromas present in the oil and feel the degree of intensity. A quality extra virgin olive oil must absolutely refer to the fruit from which it comes, with fresh, decisive, and pleasant aromas, throughout.

Tasting Phase

To appreciate the different nuances of taste, you must of take a small sip of oil and swirl it around in your mouth between the tongue and the palate for about ten seconds. Next vaporize the oil by sucking air through your semi-open lips and relax your tongue on the palate. This operation will help you to perceive the aromas and the bitter & spicy notes of a quality extra virgin olive oil.